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Golf & TED


Now that we're in February I'm taking a break from Golf, only for a week or so as I have been busy completing a college project that I'll talk about later on. After my week off, I hope to add a few new features to golf, expand on the range of levels and add controller support. I know I wanted it in the #FFS release, but it just didn't happen, I ran out of time and accidentally push a dodgy build which resulted in some quite interesting feedback.

Terrible collision error

I'm not too sure if that image will load, but we'll see

EDIT, the image does load :)

So what is TED. TED is a project that me and a college buddy are working on. It's based off of a small idea we had last year. We noticed that URL shortening services seem to just use their short url then append a random amount of characters, so we made a generator that made these links and spend 2/3 days just following them. We stopped playing with it after a while and like most projects never touched it again. However, we were talking about creating a multiplayer version of it and as luck would have it we started a new unit on project management in IT and we are allowed to make anything we want to so we decided, why not.

It is my job to work on the api back end and it is my buddy's job to work on a GUI based user tool . Annoyingly we have faced some challengers, we can't use TCP or UDP ports in college and this server isn't setup to use Node JS so we are very crudely using a series of PHP get functions all from one url.

I'll keep you posted on how that's coming along and if you want to check it out and maybe play with it a little, you can by cliking