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End of Feburary


What's been happening?

Well over the pat month I've been hard at work, playing with new ideas and implementing new features for Tiny Green (that's the new name for golf). Other than that I've been working on TED and learning some new languages and playing around with some CSS (because I was bad at it)

Tiny Green

Tiny Green has been quite in interesting project for me, it's the first game that I've had a prolonged development cycle with, normally I make a game over a weekend and play around with it for a week then bin it, this time, it was a small idea a year ago and now it's my 2 month long project. I finally have a version that I can demo and showoff when needed. But that version quickly became outdated when I started adding custom level loading and very basic controller support. I feel like it's getting close to a version of a game that I could start to ask money for, but I'm still a way of that yet


TED was my project for the last term or so, we had an issue with a network disallowing TCP and UDP connections to machines directly so we had to get creative, we looked into using NodeJS and other things but nothing looked like it was going to work, as a joke I suggested that we implement our own TCP system... That's what we ended up doing, all TED does is change and return values from a MySQL database, it's crude but it works. Anyway, that's nearly done now so soon I can put a link for it somewhere on here. The title of this section is "project(s)" the "s" in this case is a new project that has been handed to a group of us looking for extra work/experience, this is a simple webapp that will allow a department to keep on top of their maintenance tasks. Nothing too big but for 5 people it'll be over in under 2 weeks by my guess. For this project I've had to use my skills with Java to create a Android application to run along side the webapp. I'll probably put an update of this up on here as we finish it


So I mentioned that I'd been working on some CSS, what exactly do I mean by that. Well, I've never been to go with CSS, I can do enough to get by. Take this site for example. So I thought it was time that I looked into improving my skill, so this week I sat down for an hour and made a nice little animated search bar thingy.

As you can see it initially resembles a magnifying glass but as you scroll over it reveals the search box. It's rather simple but I'm happy with how it turned out. I might do one of these every week. It would give me an excuse to put posts up more frequently

Until next time


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