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Delays & Projects


I've neglected this site for a while, but I've been busy doing college work and working on various projects


I know I mention this all the time, but I am still working on it, just not as much as I have been. But I'll get to that later. I'm not going to be working on it for much longer as I think it's nearly done. That being said I'm not working on it for the next 2 weeks either because I have college starting backup again next week and then it's Ludum Dare 38 so I'll be busy and hopefully streaming my progress

Patch Space

What!?!? a new section? I know it's hard to believe that I'm not working on college things and golf all the time, but this is something that I want to unveil in the coming weeks

Maintenance App

This is something that I've mentioned before. I'm just putting it here to say that it's still going ahead and I'll put up a detailed post when it's finished with some screen shots

Code Golf

So in the lead up to ludum dare 38 a lot of functionality has been transfered to the new site It recently cam around to the theme slaughter and you have to click yes or no and it cam become rather tedius so I challenged myself to make a javascript snippet that when put in the console of the browser would let me put keys to say yes or no. This didn't take to long but then I though I could put it on twitter and then everyone on the #LDJAM stream would see it. Well my 1st version was 160 characters and Twitter has a limit of 140 darn, need to loose 20 characters

At first it was easy enough, remove all the white space put all vars on one line. 148 getting closer

Next I created a var for document this saved me another 6 chars. So close now at 142.

The only thing I could think to do was to change the document.onkeydown method to an on key up. Hey presto, I'd removed 2 more characters

Writing it down now, it seems like it was easy but this consumed about an hour of my evening. If your interested, the final code is this
d=document,c=d.getElementsByClassName("-buttons"),a=c[0].children; d.onkeyup=function(e){e.key=="j"&&a[0].click(),e.key=="l"&&a[1].click()}

The end.

That's it for this update I'll try and post one before LD next week if not I'll put some pictures up and make a postmortum-esqu post.

Until next time.

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