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Final Day


Well it's here, the 31st of January 2017. Today is the final day of the FFS jam and I'm feeling quite good about it, admittedly it's quite gone to plan for the last week or so but that's only because of extra work being handed out at college. However. I only need to do 2, maybe 3 more things to finish Golf V2.

When I say finish, I don't mean that I'm done with it and will never touch it again not at all, my aim for FFS was for me to get an old project to something that people might deem playable, even for a minute.

So what exactly is left...

Arguably not too much, I need to finish off the screen when players finish a course, this screen will show who came in what position, kinda stuck on how to do this I'm either going with a podium like display or a simple highscore display. Second on my list is to implement 'Party' mode, this will allow more than one player to play a round and should make playing a lot more fun and the third thing which I'm not too sure on, I would like to add controller support, it just seems to make sense in my head, maybe because a joy stick is easy to get an angle out of.

What comes after this? Well I'd like to put it up on, I spent an afternoon making a patching and porting tool which will allow me to simply run a shell script and it'll push a new build to Windows, Mac and Linux versions. So to do this I need some art, background and things, I need to come up with a short description that really nails what this game is and I need to advertise it somehow, probably just going to put it on the itch io discord channel #game-share and see what happens, if that makes it visible I might even put a tweet about it on twitter.

Somehow I don't think I'm going to be able to fit all of that in... Like I said my aim was to only make it playable, this plan will probably keep me busy till March when I hope to kinda release it, it'll be on itch as a demo where I can get feedback on it.

Sorry for the lengthy post, I'll try to add pictures into these at some point, but that's probably a weekends worth of work so until then a wall of text is good enough. I'm going to try and put content up that is roughly this length, so that it's kind of an in depth journal and it's probably a bit more fun to read than the other posts I've put up recently. Oh well, until next time

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